@kwestone has opened up an online shop! For those of you who don’t already know, @kwestone and our friend Dou Hong are amazing artists…so check out their stuff here! @kwestone was even nice enough to include some of my Street Fighter kids prints…thank you, my friend 😊 Here’s a note from the artist himself: kwestonestore.bigcartel.com is now open for business! Stop on by and pick up a print or two, art book or button packs! I put most of what we had at Anime Expo up there. I’ll be adding more if the following weeks. And for all my IG peeps… If you spend at least $15 and type in this code (IGLOVE) at the check out, I’ll add in an exclusive print, button and 25% off your entire order! Woot! I’ve got a limited 50 prints and buttons so come and order now! Thank you guys for all the support! #art #illustrations #prints #fanart #kwestone #douhong #friends #support (Taken with Instagram)